In the interest of health and safety, please understand we cannot accommodate children under 16 years for treatments or in the waiting area.

This is in compliance with the Child Protection Act. Persons between 16-18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for treatments.

Before and After KTP Treatment

In my initial consultation, I was told I have red veins. This is not news to me! I have had them for well over 10, if not 15 years. Basically, I have visible red veins on my nose. They are tiny wiry looking veins on the side of each nostril. They are broken capillaries, and in my case there were prominent looking ones along with smaller more faded ones. Altogether, like a little road map of my life!
They aren’t painful but they are visible and I notice them. I saw them in photos and videos and last week, and my daughter told me the side of my nose was a bit like Google Maps! I have tried to cover them up, but the problem with the nose is that if make up is going to wipe off somewhere first, it will be the nose! I have patches of dry skin around the area also and so it’s a difficult section of skin to hide blemishes. Generally speaking, the reason I have these veins is mostly down to genetic factors, but cold weather, diet and age probably all contribute to the problem. Wearing glasses can exacerbate them also. I was told in my initial consultation that these could be removed and it was a delight to hear! I was told that they could be lasered quickly and the process was simple and would alleviate the redness I know is visible. So all things considered, it was time to have them treated!
The first thing to note is that I needed to have a patch test. This is to make sure I didn’t have any reactions to the laser. KTP is a laser pen. The laser has a fine point on it and it targets directly to the vein. In order to make sure it doesn’t react, a patch test is absolutely required and treatment can happen 24 hours later if there’s no reaction. The patch test was on the side of my face and I had no issue with it. So, all systems go!
My veins, as you will see on the video on Instagram, are on my nose. They can be almost anywhere, but the nose is an area they love to bed down in and other areas like the cheeks are prone to them.  I have much smaller ones on my cheeks which can be treated separately, but the nose needed the specific green KTP laser. The laser targets red shallow blood vessels. These are gently heated to stimulate a repair process. Some disappear immediately, but some take a few weeks to fade. Occasionally, a second treatment may be needed.
I was prepared to have this problem tackled and looking forward to results. After my makeup was removed, my eyes were protected with cotton pads and goggles. My therapist, Deirdre, then got to work on the red veins using the KTP Laser pen. She told me she runs the laser up and down the vein. This felt strange but not sore. It’s a sharp feeling; the area around my nose is certainly more sensitive than I thought so it tingled! It’s a bit like a rubber band being snapped on the skin.
But the joyous thing is that is wasn’t long. I had 2 or 3 visible red veins on either side and within minutes, they were gone! 15 years of concealers and full coverage and not turning my head to the side in photos were all evaporated in seconds.

Sinead getting the KTP Treatment

I know I probably made excuses, and didn’t come to get them sorted out, but honestly, I was feeling too self-conscious about them. I couldn’t believe how the process is so easy and ultimately so quick to get seen to!

There is something so powerful about being able to rise up past the little imperfections that annoy you and having them taken care of.
Following the treatment, my therapist applied Copper Peptite Serum to cool the skin and keep it hydrated. I had no reaction luckily; besides avoiding the area when cleansing my skin later that evening, there was no massive post treatment maintenance. The following morning my skin was fine. I am a little red in the area naturally, but other than that there was no reaction or issue! One of my more visible veins looks darker, almost like its drying up and that should continue to improve over the next few weeks.
Getting older is definitely getting tiresome! But I’m beginning to think, if these little things annoy me, why not just get them sorted if I can? I feel a little silly keeping these things to myself, covering up, instead of giving myself the time, the small amount of time needed to have them sorted out for good. These things can affect your confidence and in my case putting off making the appointment was silly. I’m feeling way better about the whole thing now, and thrilled with how it has turned out.

The Lactic Peel in action on Sinead

Last week was my introduction to Chemical Peels. I’m not going to lie: I was nervous. My idea of Chemical Peels give me visions of Samantha from Sex And The City when she turned up to Carries book launch under a black hat and veil! Her chemical peel left her skin looking shiny, burnt and raw. The fact it’s called a Chemical and Peel alone makes me feel someone would burn my skin with acid and then pull it off. I have avoided these for years, until last week…

I went into my initial consultation with an open mind and I said I would go with the suggestions of the experienced skin consultants. When I was advised I would benefit from a Chemical Peel, I was going to try it but I definitely cleared the social diary in case I needed to stay home. I was worried there would be redness and tightness and dryness and soreness. I could not have been more wrong! Chemical Peels work to remove the top layer of dead skin cells but not the skin. If you can imagine it, even the best exfoliation won’t clear all of the debris from make up and chemical peels lift this, dissolve oil and freshen your skin. Basically, it’s the best exfoliation you are going to have! I exfoliate 1-2 times a week depending and I can still see build up in some areas and the only way to tackle this is with a peel.
There are several types of Chemical Peels on offer at ClearSkin. Peels now have moved on and given us options on the strength and targeted problems. Dee, my consultant suggested I go for the Lactic Peel. This is actually a peel that’s quite gentle on the skin and is good for pigmentation and helps stimulate collagen. It’s an ideal starter peel if you want to see the benefit and keep it gentle. Other peels can dissolve sebum so acne prone skin can benefit from them greatly. My skin is combination, mature, suffering from pigmentation and very fine lines, so this was a great starting point.
After Dee cleansed my skin, she dried it off and applied the peel. She advised me that it would feel like little hot ants running across my skin, and that’s the best description I can give too! It didn’t feel like it was burning and it didn’t feel tight or that my skin was dissolving! It was as you would feel if you were trying a new cleanser or facemask. It was warm and comforting, not frightening or hot. She timed the peel for 3 minutes and washed it off. It was that quick!
The initial look of my skin was that it was clean and bright but I knew it would take a while for my skin to react to anything and it didn’t disappoint! Within an hour there were some dry areas of my skin that were slightly more noticeable, but not in any way sore; it was like my skin was brightening up. I have fine lines that seemed way less noticeable and the lines and pores on my forehead were blurred away. I have dry skin patches and obviously the chemical was able to remove the top layer and freshen the skin. I began to notice more freshness later that evening and I was so happy with the outcome. But the real fabulousness didn’t happen until the next day; my skin just felt really hydrated, really clear and the texture was way smoother. I even think my make up goes on better ever since! The condition of my skin improved dramatically, and there were patches of pigmentation that simply weren’t there any more. I had open pores that I felt were quite obvious and these were smaller now and some were just gone. The hydrating feel was something I wasn’t expecting and its a pure joy to cleanse it now as it just looks brighter, better toned and in top condition.
I’m absolutely delighted I tried this! I was at ease knowing and trusting my consultant to make the right decision for my skin and the result has been really positive. I felt my skin needed some TLC. I was afraid the chemical peel wouldn’t do a gentle job but it really has. A chemical peel is absolutely the best first port of call in addressing your skin conditioning needs. If you want to read more about them, check out the link below for some more further information:

As I enter my 40’s, I feel the last decade is beginning to show on my skin. I’ve had 3 children and I’ve put myself last on the list as we mothers tend to do. Plenty of late nights, lack of sleep, forgetting my diet, exercise and water regime and basically neglecting my skin. And it has had an impact I wasn’t expecting.

Sinead thinks her tired skin needs a reboot after years of motherhood

We all know that while we battle the elements outside of us, we have internal elements working against us as we age. I can’t ignore the hormonal shifts we all go through, along with the harsh winters, central heating and forgetting my SPF having had such a massive impact on how my skin now looks and feels.
I have always managed to maintain a decent regime of cleaning and moisturising, but I’m now beginning to learn that maybe that wasn’t enough. I need to consider what I need to do now to ensure my skin stays well and looking good. I feel like it’s given me fantastic years and I’ve looked after it as best I could. But it needs something more. My children are older now and I have decided to undertake the skin treatments needed in order to secure a better, cleaner, fresher feel to my skin as it ages. I’m looking for a clear complexion, a bright complexion and I’m hoping to remove some of the signs of ageing I’ve been wearing in recent years. I spoke to Emma at for a diagnosis and consultation. Some of the things wrong with my skin, I don’t even have the name for! I’m hoping that an expert like Emma can tell the issues I have and have a solution to help.

At the Consultation

The first thing Emma did was remove the makeup on my skin and she put me under a strong bright lamp. I was nervous that she would see all my imperfections! But clearly this is what she does so it was time to stop being so shy and hope she can help! Straight away Emma picked up on the imperfections in my skin.


There was a problem with Pigmentation. I have patches of skin that look dark and appear to possibly be age spots. These are red or brown and make my skin look sore. I know that sometimes I have red patches and I wonder if these can be reduced in any way. These are usually something that disappear under makeup but they are a concern of mine – I’ve known there are there and are making my skin uneven in tone. If I’m looking for fresh skin, this is something that needs to be treated.

Thread Veins

These are delightful red veins on the skin on my cheeks and on my nose. I have had these all my life and they are absolutely hereditary! I had them treated successfully before for my wedding 15 years ago and I am ready to get them looked at again now. They are around my nose also and are quite unsightly. No amount of makeup are hiding them and I really don’t want them there!

Open Pores

I have had the odd one or two but I have definitely see an increase in them over the years. I have tried several pore refining products and primers under make up but the results are minimal. I am delighted to hear there’s treatments planned now that can address this.

Dark Circles

Oh wow and do I have them! I honestly feel, especially mid-November, that I look like a member of the walking dead. I keep my face out of the sun to avoid ageing and so I have tried fake tan make up. If you are considering this to rid yourself of dark circles, don’t. The tan sat beautifully in the dark circles, making them darker. I know drinking a good amount of water and limiting my caffeine intake helps reduce them, something Emma agreed with, but honestly, they are always there. And now we have the potential to work on reducing them. I’m so happy about this!


I have no idea why but I’ll assume its age but over the last few years, I have noticed an increase in the congestion around my nose and chin. I have always had the milia, the small white spots on my forehead, but I now have them around my chin. I’m delighted to hear there is a treatment for them. I’ll be very critical of how this works for me as this is a massive problem for me.
The one thing I’ll say from the consultation is that I had assumed that I had skin issues I had to just live with. The open pores or the congestion. No amount of face packs can remove what I have so I am so totally thrilled to hear there is a treatment to help my skin. I don’t have wrinkles, but I do have “movement lines” on my forehead. She didn’t feel the need to work on them but I could consider Botox if I wished.


Emma has suggested the following for me to have done: A Chemical Peel, IPL, Carboxytherapy, Microdermabrasion, KTP and Microneedling.
Watch this space for updates on how each of these treatments go, how they work, if they hurt, what the recovery is like, and of course, the results!

If you are looking for dramatic skin results but your not quite ready to brave going under the knife Clear Skin have the treatment for you! HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound which is an FDA approved machine that lifts and tightens skin for a non-surgical face and neck lift effect.

What is HIFU?

This safe non-invasive ultrasound energy that generates low levels of heat in the targeted area triggering cells for collagen production and tissue rejuvenation. Results can be seen after just one treatment as it actually lifts muscles and tones loose or sagging skin without any downtime!

It targets the deep foundation below the skin that is addressed in cosmetic surgery without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin with scalpels and stitches. HIFU stimulates collagen which as we age depletes as we age. Collagen is a natural protein that gives skin its youthfulness by keeping it firmed, toned and elastic. Unfortunately it loses its elasticity and its ability to stand up to the effects of gravity that pull the skin downward and this is where HIFU comes to the rescue! HIFU addresses mild to moderate loose or sagging skin by reconditioning and renewing the skin from within.

HIFU will lift the brow, which in turn reduces excess skin on the lids, opens up the eyes, and gives a more refreshed look overall. As well as full face, neck, chest, arms, elbows, tummy, inner thighs and knee.

What are the benefits?

● Look Years Younger with One Treatment
● Increase Blood Circulation
● Increases Elastin & Production of Collagen
● Re-educates the Muscles
● Stimulates Skin Cells
● Rejuvenates Skin
● Improves, Firms & Tightens Muscles
● Improves & Tightens Sagging Skin
● Double Chin Reduction
● Fat Deposit Reduction
● Fine Lines & Wrinkle Reduction
● Scar & Stretch Mark Reduction

Sign me up!

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A skin treatment for the bling lover!

Marilyn Monroe is a vintage hollywood symbol that oozes glamour, style and beauty famously singing the words “diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” She was a wise as well a radiant star and would have loved Clear Skins microdermabrasion treatment which combines the use of a diamond head tip with vacuum suction and ultrasound using a unique medical grade machine for stunning skin results. This state of the art machinery which is crystal free is able to safely exfoliate and resurface with the diamond head, while the suction and ultrasound encourages new collagen production giving skin a plumper and fresher luminous glow.

If you are looking for a treatment with immediate reliable results this is the treatment for you! Effective on deep acne scars and old stretch marks as well as an array of other skin conditions and concerns including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and uneven skin tone. The results and skin concerns treated makes the Microdermabrasion a popular choice of treatment for many.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion?

Providing a deep exfoliation that decongests, increasing cell turnover by providing
enhanced product penetration that turbocharge skin results! It can be combined with
many other treatments for example LED or skin peels for a more advanced in depth
treatment. (Your therapist can design a personalized treatment program based on your
consultation and skin goals) This painless treatment brings back radiance and
luminosity to dull tiered uneven completions to leave you shining like a diamond with
no recovery time!

Here is a full list of skin benefits you can enjoy following your treatment:

Dry and Dehydration
>Acne & Oily, Congested Skin
>Skin Blemishes & Scaring
>Stretch Marks
>Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone

What to expect following your treatment?

Following your treatment be sure to keep your skin protected with a high factor SPF,
minimum factor 30. Your spf should be applied daily on an ongoing basis to slow down
the ageing process and protect from UV light. You will also want to avoid direct
sunlight, and anything triggering heat or sweat in the skin tissue and also avoiding
friction on the skin tissue for at least 48hrs after your treatment.

Your skin will look instantly more even and feel smoother and softer however for best
results a course of treatments is recommended followed by maintenance treatments
the prescription can vary from client to client.
Single treatments start from as little as €96 each.

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