First Time Laser Hair Removal FAQ’s

Not everyone coming into the clinic has had Laser Hair Removal before so it’s important that you know what to expect. Laser Hair Removal is a great way to say good bye to your razor and not worry about hairy legs come the summer. Here’s a few FAQ’s that we can answer for you so you can find out more.

Why do I need to have a patch test?

Before any new client starts on a course of Laser Hair Removal they must have a patch test first. Our lasers have adjustable strength levels so it is important that we find the right level for you and your skin.

We also want to make sure that your skin will not react to the laser treatment and no pigmentation will occur. These reactions are very unlikely but we always want to ensure our clients are safe during their treatment.

Once the patch test has been conducted there is a waiting period of 24 hours to check there is no reaction. After that you can proceed with your first treatment.

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How should I prepare for my Laser Treatment?

Before your Laser Hair Removal Treatment, you need to either shave or use depilatory cream on the area you want treated 2/3 days before your treatment. This will assist in making the treatment less painful and more effective.

The area treated needs to have not been exposed to the sun for a period of two weeks before your treatment.

What about tan and fake tan?

The light from the laser travels through the skin to the base of the follicle. It is absorbed by the pigment surrounding the hair follicles. It is the brown pigment in the hair (the Melanin) that the laser is attracted to.

If your skin is tanned or has fake tan on it then the laser will be attracted to this as well. This could cause pigmentation damage or irritation to the skin. You must make sure that products like fake tan have not been used for at least two weeks before your laser treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the area being treated and can be influenced by sex, age and hormones. Studies show an average hair loss of approximately 80% after 6 – 8 treatments. Treatments should be conducted 6 to 8 weeks apart.

After each treatment you will see a reduction in the re growth of hairs but it may not be the same after each treatment. You could see a big change after the first treatment but not much after the second. This is because the hair grows in stages and each hair has a different life cycle.

Why do I need to wait 6 – 8 weeks between treatments?

All the hair on our bodies grows in cycles. Our hairs grow from the hair follicle at the beginning of the cycle but towards the end the hair detaches from the follicle and will eventually fall out.

When the laser passes over the skin it targets the hair follicle in the skin and this means that it will not be able to grow a new hair. If your hair is at the end of it’s cycle and the follicle has already come out then this hair will not be targeted. This is why it can take several treatments to see the full results.

Will it hurt?

Laser Hair Removal should not hurt you and this is why your patch test is so important. You may feel some discomfort when the laser passes over a growing hair, almost like elastic band flicking against the skin. The skin may feel a little warm afterwards but this quickly passes.

There is no long lasting discomfort with the treatment and your therapist will ensure that cooling air is directly onto the area throughout the treatment to avoid this. Some aloe vera gel may be applied afterwards to sooth the skin.

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